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Consumer Energy Levels at an All-Time Low

The latest health research suggests that the ‘exhaustion epidemic’ caused by lockdown 3.0 will soon lead to a surge of interest in the energy and endurance market.

There is a wide-spread desire for products providing an instant energy boost, supplements to help support muscle endurance, and anything else that helps people to get active and keep moving. Combined with the shift away from high-sugar energy drinks and high-caffeine sports products, this opens the door for more natural alternatives to meet the needs of lethargic consumers.

Enter natural astaxanthin, a powerful carotenoid derived from marine algae that can be found in premium food supplement products such as Core ASX.

Commonly found in salmon and responsible for its distinctive red colour, this natural ingredient is thought to be responsible for powering the fish on its long and tiresome journeys upstream every year. The ‘salmon run’ is one of the greatest endurance feats in nature, and Core ASX has harnessed all of this natural power to provide a capsule-based product backed by over 30 years of science.

From every day active consumers to professional athletes, Core ASX provides a number of benefits for sports performance, such as increased muscle endurance, sustained energy levels, improved power output and protection against exercise-induced muscle soreness.

With more and more people working from home and finding it difficult to find the energy to get out and exercise, Core ASX provides a natural and effective solution to this widespread global issue.

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