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Give Your Immune System an Important Boost

In normal times, the New Year brings with it a fresh start; a clean state; the hope of a happy and prosperous year ahead. Unfortunately, this is not the case for 2021 with COVID-19 continuing to have a devastating impact on many different parts of the world.

The key pieces of advice are simple – wash your hands regularly, only leave your home for essential travel, cover your face in public, and stay indoors if you have symptoms. However, this has not stopped many of us from investigating other potential, ingredients, medicines and supplements that may be able to offer greater protection during this difficult time.

Due to its high level of antioxidant activity and powerful anti-inflammatory action, it is no surprise that natural astaxanthin (ASX) has emerged as one of the main supplements of interest. There have been numerous studies conducted already on this natural carotenoid that highlight its tremendous potential on immune response in relation to the coronavirus disease.

Previously shown to enhance antibody production and protect immune cells from oxidative stress, natural ASX can improve the body’s defence against bacteria, viruses and other external threats.

Natural ASX can be found in the dietary supplement Core ASX, which contains the highest quality natural ASX from the microalgae Haematococcus pluvialis.

When looking to purchase an ASX supplement, you should always make sure that it is natural (the most common source is from microalgae) and that it is of premium grade quality.

Links to most recent studies:
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