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Nutrition Key in the Prevention of Cognitive Decline

Evidence is growing to support the role of nutrition in reducing the risk of cognitive decline, with a new study finding a protective link between certain nutrients and the onset of dementia.

Conducted by researchers at King’s College London, the study identified the specific importance of vitamin D, carotenoids and lipid levels in slowing the rate of cell death, particularly in the brain.

The experiment was carried out on 418 subjects over the age of 65, with data on each subject’s lifestyle being collected over a 12-year period. It was found that subjects with lower levels of vitamin D, carotenoids and lipids experienced higher levels of neural stem cell death, which in turn increased the risk for future cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s.

With carotenoids representing an early preventative strategy against cognitive decline and dementia, it is unsurprising that the popularity of these substances has been steadily growing among older consumers.

The ‘jewel in the crown’ when it comes to carotenoids is natural astaxanthin, which is derived from microalgae and has been shown to support the antioxidant capacity of the brain.

This plant-based ingredient is 6,000 times stronger as a natural antioxidant than vitamin C and can be found in premium healthcare supplements, such as CORE ASX® and SE85®. Importantly, these products contain natural astaxanthin at the scientifically studied dosage level to help reduce age-related forgetfulness, multi-tasking and alertness.

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