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The Power of Vitamins C and E

Although very different in their make-up, vitamins C and E are two natural antioxidants that work together in perfect synergy in the body. Taken together, these vitamins help to protect cells against oxidative stress, strengthen the immune system and promote overall good health.

Found in many foods, although most famously in citrus fruits, vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin that offers a wide range of benefits for everyday health and wellbeing. This diverse vitamin supports everything from immunity and energy levels to collagen production and skin health.

Unlike vitamin C, vitamin E is fat-soluble meaning that it is stored in the liver and fatty tissues. Derived mainly from vegetable oils, nuts and seeds, this potent antioxidant supports the immune system and helps to maintain a healthy heart.

When taken together, vitamins C and E form an ‘antioxidant network’ in the body and offer a greater level of antioxidant protection than either vitamin can achieve on its own. Vitamin C is able to regenerate the oxidised form of vitamin E, resulting in a process known as ‘vitamin E recycling’ where the antioxidant function of vitamin E is continuously restored.

In addition to their antioxidant activity, combining these two vitamins has shown benefits for the cardiovascular system by helping to reduce the amount of harmful build-up on the walls of the arteries. Studies have also shown that older individuals may be able to reduce their risk of Alzheimer’s disease by taking these two vitamins together.

When looking for antioxidant supplementation, it is important to not only look for products that combine these potent vitamins together but also ones that use natural D-alpha tocopherol – the most biologically active form of vitamin E.

CORE ASX® is an example of a dietary supplement that focuses on the synergistic effect of high-quality natural antioxidants. In addition to a high strength dose of vitamins C and E, this anti-aging formula contains natural astaxanthin, which is often referred to as “The King of Antioxidants”.

This unique combination of ingredients results in a daily supplement that helps to strengthen the immune system, promote younger-looking skin, enhance muscle performance and recovery, and protect cells against oxidative stress.

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