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Unboxing: It’s Time to Open Up on this Growing Phenomenon

Digital videos depicting the unboxing of new objects is a trend that is growing in popularity, with over 100 million different ‘unboxing experiences’ currently available to watch on YouTube.

Initially a great way for brands to differentiate themselves and make a better first impression, consumer expectation is now higher than ever and luxury brands must be able to deliver a creative and memorable unboxing experience.

The unboxing phenomenon has hit many product categories, including gaming, technology, clothing, shoes, children’s toys and now even dietary supplements. Across all of these different categories, brands are using their packaging to tell their story and connect with their audience on an emotional level, provide additional value for customers, and create a memorable and shareable experience.

When it comes to dietary supplements in particular, one brand that is leading the way is HEBE Life®. This international health company understand the importance of connecting with their customers and providing a unique and valuable experience.

HEBE Life® boxes are more than just a transportation tool – they are a valuable part of the consumer experience and make the process of unpacking truly special. For example, customers purchasing their CORE ASX® anti-aging product can expect to receive a box that creates a story of quality, innovation and attention to detail.

CORE ASX® capsules come in a unique biophotonic glass bottle, which protects it from sunlight, increases the shelf-life and revitalises their potency. Each bottle also contains a pharmaceutical grade desiccant to absorb moisture and protect the ingredients.

The bottles themselves are packaged in a sophisticated cardboard container that is protected by authentication technology that allows customers to scan and authenticate their product, and receive a wealth of useful information regarding the product they have purchased.

This level of detail to safety and quality makes HEBE Life® products unique, valuable, impossible to counterfeit, and capable of providing an unboxing experience you will never forget.

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