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E-Sports in the Supplement Spotlight

The rising world of E-sports is showing great potential for functional food and dietary supplement products which can help to support a player’s cognitive function, alertness and visual focus.

No longer a niche market, E-sports generated revenue of more than US$90 million in 2019. This revenue has most likely increased over 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with national lockdown measures forcing many people indoors and searching for new pastimes.

Recent data shows that E-gamers (casual gamers and professional gamers alike) strive to be recognised as athletes, and as a result demand more from their dietary supplements. Not only do they want to perform their best, they also want products that are safe, natural and backed by science.

Andie Long, the Marketing & Sales Manager for AstaReal®, believes that natural astaxanthin (ASX) could be a key player in this emerging category: “Many games require an enormous degree of tactical understanding, quick judgment and heightened attention span. An E-athlete’s diet should therefore be similar to that of other competitive sportspeople and include nutrients such as natural ASX, which improves concentration as well as physical and mental fatigue.”

Core ASX is a perfect example of a dietary supplement that can meet the needs of E-athletes by using a natural ASX ingredient that has been studied for over 30 years. Not only does Core ASX offer benefits for concentration, memory and mental agility, it also helps to alleviate the side effects of prolonged screen time, such as tired eyes and blurred vision.

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