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More Botox Users Turning Towards “Botox & Nutricosmetics”

Since its invention in the 1980s, Botox has become one of the most common global cosmetic procedures to fight the signs of skin aging.

Proven to be both safe and effective, Botox is now as popular as ever, but are there other things you can be doing (or taking) to help maximise its beauty-boosting benefits? The answer is simple – nutricosmetics. 

Nutricosmetics are clinically researched food supplements that work from the inside out, helping to promote beauty from within. One such product is SE85 Cellular Rejuvenation, which can be used to support the results of Botox sessions in a number of different ways:

1. Prevention & Restoration – Botox is generally considered to be a ‘preventative’ procedure, preventing the skin from contracting in ways that would normally highlight wrinkles. SE85 complements this mode of action by offering ‘restorative’ benefits, helping to restore the elasticity of the skin by hydrating the skin cells from within.

2. Harmonised Coverage – Despite the use of a needle, Botox is still classed as a ‘non-invasive’ procedure, which certainly has its benefits. However, oral-dose nutricosmetics such as SE85 can offer a deeper level of beauty care, helping to revitalise the skin on a cellular level. This dual-action coverage ensures that the skin is targeted both externally and internally.

3. Longer Term Results – Since the effects of Botox are only temporary (the average duration is around three to four months), it is important to have a solid foundation of skin health to ensure that it looks its best regardless of how long it has been since your last session. SE85 targets the root causes of skin aging so that you get to experience both instant and long-term results.

4. Wider Health Benefits – In addition to the cosmetic benefits for the skin, the true ‘beauty’ of SE85 is that it contains nutrients capable of supporting a wide range of different health benefits, from cell function and heart health to brain function and muscle recovery. This makes SE85 the complete package when it comes to maintaining health, beauty and wellness.

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